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What causes and organizations do you support? Do you wish you could do more to help out? Our network of alumni has the guidance you need to make your philanthropic efforts count.

Top Designations for Philanthropy Planning

Did You Know?

Americans give more than $1 billion to charity each and every day.

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5 Ways Financial Advisors Help Charitable Giving

Most of us think of financial advisors as professionals who help us grow our portfolios. But, as more people look to incorporate philanthropy into their financial planning, there’s an increasing demand for professionals who are credentialed and experienced in advising their clients in charitable giving. While philanthropy appears to be simple — you identify the organizations and causes you want to support, determine what you can afford to give, and donate — professionals who specialize in the field can take your giving to the next level.

photo to showcase Is It Better to Give to One Charity or Many?

Is It Better to Give to One Charity or Many?

You have $100 to give to charity. You should: Give $10 each to 10 different charities. Give $25 each to 4 different charities. Give $100 to one charity. If you want to maximize the social impact of your charitable giving, what’s the best approach?

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